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What Does A Himalayan Salt Lamp Do?

Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Some people think Himalayan salt lamps may cure asthma and detoxify a space, among other things. But there’s no scientific proof to back up these assertions.

The well-liked pink salt is now used for more than simply a relaxing bath or a sprinkle over meals. Decor magazines are now carrying Himalayan salt lamps, which specialist apothecaries once sold. Pakistani solid Himalayan salt is used to make the lights. An amber light that is quite faint is produced by the combination of them when lighted from the inside using a bulb.

According to the lights’ manufacturers, the air is cleaned, and beneficial negative ions are released into the space. But what exactly do Himalayan salt lamps accomplish, and what do Himalayan salt lamps do?

What Is A Himalayan Salt Lamp, And Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Pink salt from the area around the Himalayan mountain range is used to make the lamps (though numerous imitations are available online or in shops). They are hollowed out, have a light bulb inserted in the bottom, and emit a pinkish-amber glow.

The pink salt, according to Himalayan salt lamps wholesale manufacturer, emits negative ions that assist in cleansing and enhancing the surrounding air quality. Many people also think that ions boost your mood, enhance your energy, improve your sleep, and even lessen allergy symptoms, in addition to the cleaner air notion.

Supporters claim that the bulbs have two functions:

  • Attract particles. According to legend, these lights may produce negative ions and draw poisons, pollutants, and allergies to their surface.
  • Negative ions in the air are thought to be healthy by some people.

Molecules with a changed charge are called ions. An electron has been added to negative ions. One positive ion has been lost. Ions surround us. Some originate from space debris that finds its way to Earth. Some form nearer to oneself, such as by the collision of water droplets in a cascade, sunshine, radiation, or lightning.

After a storm, some people report feeling more rested and lucid; some attribute this sensation to the presence of negative ions in the atmosphere. Negatively charged ions are also produced by commercial ionizers and purification systems to make interior environments cleaner and more pleasant.

It is said that Himalayan salt lamps emit negatively charged ions and that the warmth of the salt causes water molecules in the air to attract and subsequently evaporate. Those who think these lights are healthy tend to attribute a lot of their advantages to negative ions.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Claims

There isn’t much proof that salt lamps promote better health despite a few research suggesting certain advantages of negative ions.

Sleep and mood

Positive ions in the atmosphere are thought by some to exacerbate feelings of anxiety, irritability, and other negative emotions. Negative ones are said to enhance general well-being and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

High concentrations of negative air ions may change serotonin levels, which are linked to emotions of well-being, according to research done on mice and rats.

Negative ions at high concentrations did, in some human tests, marginally reduce depression; however, they did not affect anxiety or sleep.

According to relatively tiny research, participants who were in a room with high concentrations of total air ions (both positive and negative ions) in the paint on the walls performed better on tests of cognitive skills. However, the paint made no difference to their overall health.

Allergies and asthma

Research has been conducted on the idea that negative ions might facilitate better breathing. Negative ions did not improve asthmatic symptoms or breathing in the majority of them. Additionally, they had no effect on adults and children with long-term asthma who used inhalers.

Clearing the atmosphere. There is some truth to the claim that negative ions may remove dangerous airborne pollutants. Ions balance out contaminants when they accumulate on bacteria or pollen.

Although it’s unclear exactly how studies indicate that both positive and negative ions may kill bacteria, other scientists speculate that the germs may be killed for other causes. Regardless, there isn’t any proof that salt lamps have this impact.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Beneficial to Your Health?

Despite the encouraging sounding promises, no one has been able to demonstrate that Himalayan salt lamps emit any negative ions, much less enough to have any effect on health. Negative ions from other sources, not lamps, have been employed in the majority of studies to date.

Contact with a salt lamp has been shown to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects in a few modest trials conducted on rats and mice. It does not follow that people will be affected by the lighting in the same way. The notion would need to be tested by researchers.

Salt pebbles may absorb some airborne particles, but they are not nearly as effective at filtering as, for instance, charcoal, which is a frequent element in air filters.

While a Himalayan salt lamp may provide a lovely decorative element and a cozy light to your room, there is currently no scientific evidence that it would significantly benefit your health.

The bottom line

The claims that Himalayan salt lamps purify the air or emit negative ions are unfounded. Using high-density ionization commercial ionization equipment is the greatest approach to introducing negative ions into your house.

A decent air purifier or air filtration system might be beneficial if you are concerned about allergies or particles in your house. However, the University of Rochester Medical Center states that these filters and equipment are not required for the typical healthy individual.

In regards to VOCs, the EPA advises utilizing VOC-free cleaning supplies, furniture, and building materials, as well as opening windows to keep the materials out of your room in the first place. These lamps have the same calming effect as a lighted candle. It doesn’t hurt to add one to your house if you find the light to be calming or if you like the way it looks.

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