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Himalayan Salt Tiles

Himalayan Salt Tiles

Are you on the hunt for top-notch salt tiles for your bulk customers? Look no further! Janjua International specializes in manufacturing Himalayan salt tiles and provides premium-quality Himalayan salt in bulk. Our 24/7 wholesale distributors are ready to cater to a diverse range of salt products for wholesale businesses.


Best Quality Himalayan Salt Tiles Manufacturer

At Janjua International, the unique product line consists of Himalayan Animal Lick Salt, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Salt Tiles, and Himalayan Bath Salt. Also, we ship all of these affordable items to the client’s location from our plant directly.

Our manufacturers extract natural rock salt from the Himalayan foothills and cut it to the essential dimensions. These Himalayan salt blocks are cost-effective and perfect for large-scale salt projects. Also, it includes making healthy home upgrades, creating meditation rooms, and much more.

Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Tiles

Himalayan salt tiles have an attractive and calming appearance. But they also have various health advantages. These healthy salt tiles boost ventilation, purify the air, and calm the environment. Therefore, using our salt tiles offers your customers a healthy aura. 

Our Himalayan salt tiles manufacturer strongly advises your wholesale customers to choose these salt items. As they have the capacity to cleanse the respiratory tract of pollutants and undesirable materials. Moreover, the lungs’ inner linings are cleaned by salt tiles. 

They can also reduce the harmful effects of Asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. This happens because of the salinity of the air brought on by Himalayan salt blocks. Moreover, it also serves as a Himalayan salt inhaler. These tiles have antibacterial properties and lower air humidity. 

In addition, salt tiles discharge negative ions, which eliminate allergies. Himalayan salt tiles help to calm the mind and reduce tension. They increase the brain’s serotonin enzymes, which produce feelings of relaxation and enjoyment. 

These effects collectively create a healthy atmosphere. In addition, the immune system becomes powerful through the use of Himalayan salt blocks & tiles. This also balances pH levels and electromagnetic radiation.

Versatile Uses of Himalayan Salt Tiles Wholesale

Installing backlights of various colors, often behind salt walls, looks stunning and appealing. They work on the hygroscope procedure. This involves filtering out all harmful elements like pollen, dust, and pet dander. 

People put salt tiles in their bedrooms for this reason. These also work in a variety of ways because they are lighter and have a shorter thickness. Also, for grilling and cooking, salt tiles work effectively. 

These tiles create a unique salt wall or room decor. As well as the comforting amber shade makes for better rest. They are easy to install on a standard wall and work for multiple purposes. Moreover, they are useful for designing and improving homes and meditation spaces. 

Himalayan Salt Tiles Largest Exporter 

Purchase top-quality Himalayan salt blocks from Janjua International. The best Himalayan salt tiles supplier and Himalayan bath salt manufacturer to get salt tiles for numerous uses. We produce affordable salt tiles, so your customers may use these tiles for modest and even large projects. 

Himalayan salt blocks & tiles are ideal for the construction of salt walls, panels, and wellness centers. Your wholesale business can also buy it. Perfect for customers having yoga studios and therapeutic salt chambers. 

Get a FREE quote today for sourcing the best Himalayan salt tiles & blocks at affordable prices! Contact our bulk suppliers for more information. 


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